About us ...

We are a company that implements the E.R.P. Odoo and oriented to R+D+I of business digital processes.

We implement, develop or improve applications, modules and services, whether functional, user experience (UX) or business logic.

We generally implement applications, modules or services Odoo S.A. since it offers a large number of solutions and applications for very diverse business scenarios that are developed with high-quality standards and have passed various tests of functionality, integrity, security and business logic. That is why it is our first option when it comes to providing a solution in an implementation with a new project, as well as Odoo S.A. there is also a very active and very large community that shares very varied solutions in all business areas and in turn is nourished by experience.

¿When do we create?

We create a module, application or service when there is a need in a project and with the result of an investigation we do not find availability in Odoo S.A., in the community or third companies.

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¿When do we improve?

We improve a module, application or service when we value that by improving it we obtain a better product for the client or the project.

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Edgar A. Blandón, CEO
(Development and Project Management)

Passionate about software development applied to the company with a high level of self demand.

Daniil Digtyar,
(Developer Odoo)

Daniil is lover of development processes and is  a very demanding with good practices in Odoo.

Cinthia Salas,
 (Training, Administration)

Perseverance and patience are your best cover letter.